How to make your early days on this platform convenient.

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Starting on Medium is tough. All the talk about publications, curation, and submissions can be confusing if you are new here. Also, you'll need 100 followers to qualify for the Partnership Program and start earning.

Thankfully, there is a new publication dedicated to new writers which will help you make your start convenient. It’s called New Writers Welcome by Robert Ralph. The team works on making writing as low-threshold as possible for you. You’ll even find a detailed How-To on submitting a story to a publication.

So, if you are a new writer or know a newbie, please check this…

BitClout’s version of paid ads looks promising.

Adclouts is a BitClout project made by Thorsten, who also is the mastermind behind CloutPub, the publishing platform over there at BitClout.

Screenshot from author’s adclouts interface

Adclouts comes with two basic functionalities: It lets you earn $CLOUT as a creator simply by re-clouting sponsored posts or following certain people.

On the advertising side of the project, you can pay $CLOUT to get your post reclouted or for people to follow you. We will dive deeper into how these tools work and how to set them up. I’ll also share my personal thoughts with you in the following, so let’s give it a go.

How to get started earning as a creator


Enter: BitClout 101

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You may have heard about BitClout. Medium titans like Tim Denning and Tom Kuegler featured it in their stories, like here and here.

BitClout is a Social Media platform like Twitter but runs on a blockchain. It comes with its own native cryptocurrency called $CLOUT, which can be used to support your favorite creators and additional functions like selling and buying NFT’s.

As this is just a shortform, I can’t dive too deep, but believe me when I say the possibilities for the creator economy are vast.

To keep the creators here up to date, BitClout101 got founded by Dianne…

Here’s a quick workaround for the blocking issue and some other tips.

Screenshot by author

Many people run into this screen when they try to sign up for BitClout. I had this issue, too.

I suppose it’s some kind of fraud detection to keep bots from signing up, but actually, many human beings get stuck here. It may have something to do with browser settings or a robot vacuum cleaner connected to your Wi-Fi.

To fix this, connect your smartphone to Mobile Data instead of Wi-Fi. Then try to complete the sign-up process via your smartphone. …

And how to overcome it with copywriting knowledge from the Sixties.

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Let’s get straight to the point: No one cares about you or your writing. This sounds harsh and even a little offensive, but it isn’t meant to be. It’s just a hard truth we need to accept in order to unlock the next level of online writing.

Let’s get over this fast to focus on how we can navigate around this truth. We’ll also talk about how to use it to improve our writing and become more successful online. Shall we?

No one cares about you.

As a writer, your writing is a product. The precious little brainchildren born from…

Here are the results.

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Another month, another shortform writing challenge is done. As a quick recap, I invited you to write a shortform about a headline and the opening paragraph of a story you’d love to read in tomorrow’s newspaper.

As I hoped, you dove deep into creativity. These three are my favorites of this challenge:

Sean F Corbin came up with a story about society and in part, politics:

Rosy Gee has a more personal piece, yet also full of hope and wishes:

Dylan Martin whereas got a more satirical piece, nevertheless entertaining:

I also want to thank Fiza Ameen, Dishit Devasia, and…

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