In Case You’ve Wondered About the Impact of Engagement on this Platform

Commenting goes a long way

Tom F.
2 min readAug 8, 2022


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I sincerely wish I had more time and energy to write on this platform, but lately, other duties have kept me from it. Not only have I lost all of my Top Writer Tags, but I also moved away from my brainchild, “The Shortform,” which is now in the caring hands of Nancy Blackman.

Being eager to establish myself again, I thought about performing a slow start and beginning with commenting on other people’s stories, to get my feet back in the water, if you want, and avoid getting over-whelmed quickly by forcing myself to an unrealistic publishing schedule.

I started on a Monday morning by picking three stories, reading them, and placing a thoughtful comment under each of them to stretch my writing muscles. I kept this habit for 5 days (Monday till Friday,) and it worked well for me, stretching-wise. I found joy in writing again and I’m happy to be back in the game.

What really astonished me was the immediate impact on my viewing stats: I inserted a screenshot above for you, indicating the day I started writing three comments daily for five days. Do you notice the steep and consistent upwards slope?

As my inner Data Scientist is kicking in, I also report the last story I published was at the black bubble on the left of the stats page (on the 15th of July,) so the slope isn’t diluted by publishing a successful story but stems only from the power of engagement.

So what’s the key takeaway: Seems like I highly under-estimated the impact of consistent and thought-through engagement on this platform. I shall perform more experiments on this and keep you posted.




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