Seven Small but Effective Strategies to Live a Calm and Peaceful Life

Implement them to your day

Tom F.
4 min readFeb 16, 2022


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Which one of your friends or co-workers isn’t stressed out by the daily grind?

The denial to rest body and mind leads to several unhealthy habits like drinking too much and exercising too little, followed by severe health issues as we grow older.

During the last two years, I witnessed four of my co-workers die before they even reached their official retirement age. Attending funerals is like a wake-up slap in the face by your life choices.

I signed a contract with myself to not wait until retirement in about 35 years to start enjoying a happy and peaceful life. These seven habits are supporting me ever since:

Take Some Me-Time every Day

All those productivity hacks and hustle worship out there leave the feeling that doing something solely for ourselves is a waste of time.

But here’s the catch: While you may achieve greater results for a short period while working turbocharged, it will take a toll on your mental and physical health. And that doesn’t serve either you or your loved ones.

Even half an hour a day spent reading with a nice cup of tea on the side does wonder to your energy levels and overall balance.

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you really want to do it for yourself.

Spend Time Outside

Going outdoors and spending time in fresh air lifts your spirits and is a blessing to your vital functions.

A quick walk around the block of about 20 minutes slows your heart rate and clears your mind. Research has shown it also reduces stress and anxiety.

Starter tip to include more movement in your day: Do errands you used your car for with a bike or walk on foot.

Enjoy the Small Things

The phrase is so over-used you maybe can’t hear it anymore.

Besides, you can’t disregard the positive effects joy and happiness have on your health and well-being.

As it’s a tough challenge simply choosing to be happy, we can always choose to do something that makes us



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